Cookie Policy

  • As per GDPR requirements. (if you go here you will see a cookie)
  • We only use 1 session cookie, this is for your privacy/security
  • We do not use other cookies, and we do not make use of ads or trackers
  • We do not use 3rd party code which might use cookies
  • The security cookie is linked to the current session
  • (Succesful) login is (also) linked to the current session/cookie
  • At logout it is unlinked from the current session/cookie
  • The session is set at 30 minutes after which it is regenerated
  • Current cookie information/value :no value set
  • We keep the (encrypted) IP and the time of the last login in the password database
  • We send an email with the same information (IP and time) after each succesful login
  • 2 ms for computations
  • 0 ms for system calls
  • 4.2979717254639 ms for other/combined spent
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